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We recently conducted a short customer satisfaction survey, and the responses blew us away!  We love the Staffing industry, and we kinda already knew, but it appears the Staffing industry loves us too!  Our customers are awesome, and had some really great things to say about us!

“I can not recommend a company more than Employdrive . These people are unbelievable Very knowledgeable, & extremely responsive, I have been in business for a long time but never met this level of PERFECTION… They are the BEST ….. they always go out of their way to satisfy us.”

“I cannot begin to express how much we benefit from moving from ADP to EmployDrive! From implementation to steady-state, the experience has been fantastic. It was one of the best changes we have made to-date! Thank you for your continued support!”

“We have used ADP in the past and most recently I did the payroll myself. Doing business with Employdrive was a great decision for our company! Easy to use and the reports are outstanding! Great people and great product!”

“I love that you will customize reports for us and keep up on new reports with all the new laws. I love that you handle ACA and i don’t have to be too involved in that process since moving to Employdrive.”

“Great service – highly recommended.”

“I went with the “cheaper” solutions (…the one who’s CEO just pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court…) and the second I realized what happened, I emailed the CEO of Employdrive, Jeff, and he called me on my cell that evening at 9PM that evening and let me know you would do everything possible to get us up and running ASAP! Not only can I, and will I, recommend Employdrive to anyone and everyone, I can also say the service and professionalism along the way has been non-wavering and phenomenal at every turn. Thank you to everyone at Employdrive and thank you Jeff for being so gracious when we came to you, hat in hand, after our “cheaper” solution crashed and burned (and left us hanging with outstanding tax payments they took our money to pay, but never paid). Y’all are awesome!”

“The EmployDrive team went above and beyond to help us transition to your system in Sept. 2019. You all have helped us tremendously with our links to Bullhorn Back Office and our new hire documents in EmployStream. A very big THANK YOU to all of you. Congratulations too!!”

“It is such a benefit to work with a payroll organization who understands the unique challenges of payroll for a staffing company. We have been extremely pleased with the assistance from everyone at Employdrive.”

“It was the best choice we made, leaving ADP, and moving to Employdrive. We have a contact and are treated like a true business with needs! Great job!”

“Love you guys!”

“Each person that we have interacted with at Employdrive has been extremely knowledgeable. friendly. and professional!”

“Employdrive is always super responsive and helpful with any questions or issues that arise. Very pleased!”

“Moving to EmployDrive was one of the best things we could have done! I frequently hear from my team how happy they are with the service, and relieved to have the support especially during this time.”

“Can’t say enough about the Employdrive Dream Team! Great, collaborative partners who are always there to listen, help, and navigate through complex issues.”

“Very happy with the Employdrive customer experience. I know that I have the ability to be very hands off in some respects with the functionality we have which is crucial for our business and size of our internal team.”

“They are always very eager to help with with training tools. They are quick to respond to any issues/concerns/work tickets that we may have in a very timely manner.”

“The leadership and team are truly experts in their field. It is a pleasure working with such a great company.”

“We value our relationship with Employdrive. their team is great to work with.”

“Great staff, service, and pricing!!!”

“A great team to work with.”

“The team has been great with support and looking out for our payroll team. We appreciate the customization and constant help with building out our payroll system even years after implementation.”

Overall, how satisfied are you with Employdrive customer support?

  • Extremely satisfied 80%
  • Very satisfied 19%
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 1%
  • No so satisfied 0%
  • Not at all satisfied 0%

The level of support since moving to Employdrive has (increased, decreased, remained the same) compared to your previous payroll provider?

  • Increased 82%
  • Decreased 0%
  • Remained the same 18%

How likely are you to continue doing business with Employdrive the future?

  • Extremely likely 85%
  • Very likely 12%
  • Somewhat Likely 3%
  • No so likely 0%
  • Not likely at all 0%

How responsive have we been to your support requests?

  • Extremely satisfied 82%
  • Very satisfied 17%
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 1%
  • No so satisfied 0%
  • Not at all satisfied 0%

How likely are you to recommend Employdrive to a friend or colleague?

9.72 Average Rating

The Level of flexibility when processing payroll each week / day has (increased, decreased, remained the same) since moving to Employdrive?

  • Increased 74%
  • Decreased 3%
  • Remained the same 23%

Employdrive's focus on Staffing is beneficial to our business.

  • Strongly Agree 91%
  • Agree 8%
  • Neutral 1%
  • Disagree 0%
  • Strongly disagree 0%

The overall accuracy of your tax management has (increased, decreased, remained the same) since moving to Employdrive?

  • Increased 63%
  • Decreased 1%
  • Remained the same 36%

Employdrive is committed to making sure that your employees are paid correctly and on time.

  • Strongly Agree 91%
  • Agree 8%
  • Neutral 1%
  • Disagree 0%
  • Strongly disagree 0%
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