Kevin L., CEO

Please feel free to use our name as a reference whenever the need may arise.  We have worked with most of the large national vendors for payroll throughout the years, and Employdrive is many levels above everyone else out there.

Diana B., President

Outsourcing our payroll to Employdrive was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. We have been very pleased with the support and feel as though there has been a tremendous value in the service.

Michelle C., VP Operations 

I’ve worked in Staffing for over 23 years, and Employdrive has exceeded my expectations for a payroll vendor. Your staff is service oriented and keeps me informed of changes that effect payroll. We continually refer your company to other staffing companies that are in the market for payroll services.

Shirley P., Director of Finance 

Our entire team wholeheartedly agrees that Employdrive is the best vendor partner that we have! Our contacts are extremely responsive and helpful – always have the answers or if not, they do everything to get us the answers. The staffing focus is huge, as is the fact that you always try to stay a step […]