Payroll Integrations for Bullhorn and BullhornOne

Improve your workflow and data integrity with 360 Integration capabilities from Employdrive

Our Solution

Automated ATS And Onboarding

The Employdrive team combines hands-on knowledge of the staffing industry and deep experience with Bullhorn ATS, Bullhorn One, Bullhorn Back Office and Bullhorn Onboarding. We built our first integration with Bullhorn in 2009, and that integration still exists today in the form of Bullhorn Back Office and Bullhorn Onboarding. Employdrive is the only Bullhorn integrated staffing and recruiting payroll and HCM software that connects to both Bullhorn One and Bullhorn Onboarding.

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How It Works

Cloud-Based Technology

Employdrive and Bullhorn enable you to access vital information from anywhere in real time. Bullhorn One provides complete data access at every stage allowing your staffing firm to rapidly scale your business and speed time-to-revenue by eliminating manual paperwork, ensuring compliance, and drastically improving on-time starts, all while delivering a simple and stress-free candidate onboarding experience.

Integration Details

Custom mappings to Bullhorn ATS, Bullhorn One and Bullhorn Onboarding modules enable staffing firms to:
  • Grab complete new-hire data (i.e., tax withholdings, direct deposit, dependent info, etc.) from Bullhorn Onboarding or Able

  • Pull new hire data from any standard or custom fields in Bullhorn ATS

  • Display check stubs on the Bullhorn candidate record

  • Import preconfigured time and expense files from Bullhorn Back Office and Bullhorn One

  • Include payroll related data in your Bullhorn reports

  • Easily export payroll data into your GL

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